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United Models

United Airlines Models

With routes to over 330 destinations—domestic and abroad, United Airlines has one of the largest route networks among North American carriers. Since its inception, United Airlines has grown rapidly.

After founding Boeing Air Transport in 1927, William Boeing‘s ambitious vision led him to merge with Pratt & Whitney in 1929. This merge formed the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UATC). In the years following the merge, UATC acquired numerous air transport and airplane manufacturing companies. By 1931, UATC became United Air Lines.

Today, United Airlines holds a fleet of over 800 aircraft. Included in its diverse fleet, are models from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer. United takes pride in its initiatives towards fuel-efficient travel; while building its modern fleet, United Airlines has prioritized fuel-efficiency.

PacMin is proud to be an officially licensed manufacturer of United Airlines' current fleet of aircraft.


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