Our Story

PacMin, short for Pacific Miniatures, was founded in 1946 by two employees of the Douglas Aircraft Company. The purpose was to create models for people to see the interior of aircraft in order to get nervous travelers to fly. The company created large cutaway models that became mainstays for travel agencies.

PacMin models remain the most trusted brand used by aviation executives around the world.  Aviation companies use custom models to promote their own products and services to their clients.  Larger, more intricate models are presented at special industry events and as exhibits at trade shows. 

For this reason, every detail, from the individual molded parts to very exacting graphic designs and colors, must be reviewed and approved by the aviation company authorizing the replication of their brand by PacMin.  Often our models are exclusively produced for gifts to select VIPs.  This is why PacMin models are far more limited in their availability versus other aircraft models on the market. 

The models shown here in The Model Shop are those that both the airlines and airframe manufacturers have given their approval for offering to the general public. Aviation enthusiasts can now enjoy the same high quality models for their home or office.  

Today PacMin is recognized in the aviation, aerospace, event production and entertainment industries for its wide range of marketing solutions.   

For more information about PacMin, see our corporate website at www.pacmin.com.