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American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Desktop Model 1/100 Scale


The B737-800 is Boeing’s third-generation derivative of the 737 line.  They are short- to medium-range, narrow-body jet airliners powered by two CFM International Leap – X engines.  American currently operates 304 737-800s which are single-aisle and configured with 172 seats.

 Available in 1/100 scale.  See chart below for dimensions. 

Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-800

Engine Type: CFM Leap X

Livery/Paint scheme: American Airlines

Base:  Choose from two options: Injected resin base or wood base. Both options come with aluminum upright.


Scale Length (in/cm) Wingspan (in/cm)
1/100 scale 15.55 in/39.50 cm 13.50 in/34.30 cm