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LOCKHEED MARTIN®, F35® Lightning II® Desktop Model in 1/48 Scale

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The LOCKHEED MARTIN®, F35® Lightning II® combines 5th Generation fighter aircraft characteristics — advanced stealth, integrated avionics, sensor fusion, and superior logistics support — with the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history. The F-35's advanced stealth allows pilots to penetrate areas without being detected by radars that legacy fighters cannot evade.

PacMin is a licensed supplier of aircraft models to Lockheed Martin.

 Available in 1/48 scale.  See the chart below for dimensions.

Aircraft Type: Lockheed Martin F35-A Lightning II

Engine Type: Pratt & Whitney F135

Livery/Paint scheme: Lockheed Martin Grey

Base:  Injected resin base with aluminum upright with nameplate.


Scale Length (in/cm) Wingspan (in/cm)
1/48 scale 12.75 in/32.38 cm 8.75 in/22.22 cm


Now you can see the video walkthrough for this model!


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