Qantas Boeing 787-9 Desktop Model 1/100 Scale


The Boeing 787-9 is the same wingspan as the 787-8 but it is 20 feet longer (6.1m) and designed for MTOW (maximum take off weight) of 560,000 lbs. It is primarily constructed of composite materials and features electrical flight systems, raked wingtips and noise reducing chevrons on the engine nacelles. Qantas Airways operates six 787-9s with orders for an additional 15. The Qantas 787-9 is configured with 236 seats. 

Available in 1/100 scale. See chart below for dimensions. 

Aircraft Type: Boeing 787-9 

Livery/Paint scheme: Qantas

Base:  Choose from two options: Injected resin base or wood base. Both options come with aluminum upright.


Scale Length (in/cm) Wingspan (in/cm)
1/100 scale 24 in/62.8 cm 23.0 in/60.10 cm

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