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US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet Military Aircraft Model in 1/48 Scale

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The F/A-18E is a twin-engine, supersonic, all-weather, carrier-capable, multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft. Designed by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) and Northrop, the F-18E was derived from the latter's YF-17 in the 1970s for use by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The F-18E is also used by the air forces of several other nations, and since 1986, by the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels.

PacMin is a licensed supplier of aircraft models for Boeing.

 Available in 1/48 scale.  See the chart below for dimensions.

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Aircraft Type: USN F/A-18E Super Hornet

Livery/Paint scheme: US Navy

Base:  Injected resin base with aluminum upright and imprint.


Scale Length (in/cm) Wingspan (in/cm)
1/48 scale 14.03 in/35.63 cm 10.09 in/25.63 cm