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NASA X-59 QueSST in 1/60 scale

Duties and taxes not included

The X-59, short for X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST), is an experimental aircraft being developed by four NASA research centers, General Electric, and Lockheed Martin. The X designation is given to US aircraft and rockets that are used to test new technologies.

The X-59 will test technology that will allow the aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound over land and reduce the loud sonic boom to a quiet thump. It is NASA’s first piloted experimental aircraft since the X-57 in 2016. Currently, commercial airlines can’t fly faster than the speed of sound over land because it would create a very loud sonic boom.

 Available in 1/60 scale.  See the chart below for dimensions. 

Aircraft Type: X-59 QueSST

Engine Type: -

Livery/Paint scheme: NASA

Base:  Resin base with an aluminum upright.


Scale Length (in/cm) Wingspan (in/cm)
1/60 scale 19.03 in/48.33 cm 5.91 in/15 cm


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